12 week Men's Muscle Gain Program

12 week Men's Muscle Gain Program

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What you will Get:

- 12 Week Gym workout sent to you- no repetition

-Our Whole Community
You're no longer training alone. You're joining a community of members that train just as hard as you do.

-Access to Loic Rostand
You'll get access to me on our Whatsapp message group. Ask questions and get answers that help keep you on your journey toward reaching your goals.

Demo Videos

Everything I'm asking you to do in your training has been filmed and demo'd so that you know exactly what I'm looking for from you in your training.

-Programming 3 days per week
Muscle Gain focus (3x week). The split will look like this; FULL BODY, REST, FULL BODY, REST, LEGS & ARMS, REST, REST.

-Detailed, expert instruction
Beyond sets and reps, you'll understand intent, tempo, intensity, and everything else that I'm looking for from you.